It’s the best time to Startup!  There has never been a better time to startup.The technology innovation, societal acceptance and the overall mood of the nation!!!


The early stage entrepreneurs are often advised to validate their ideas! Without a proper counsel, the wannapreneurs keep repeating the same mistakes on every occasion and end up their startup dream with disappointment, burning lot of time and money.

Idealabs has partnered with T-Hub and launched T-Kickstart for early stage entrepreneurs to validate their ideas before they deep-dive into entrepreneurship.

As part of the programme, the entrepreneurs get an opportunity to present their product idea, network with mentors and pitch in front of Investors and get valuable feedback.

The startups can then decide to continue, pivot or alltogether abandon their idea.


Idealabs Playground is not just a co-working space. It goes beyond the traditional co-working spaces in terms of providing mentoring and right connects at every stage of your startup journey, from Idea validation to Product architecture, Go-To-Market strategy to Investment Pitch.

Idealabs has partnered with Product Angels, a unique group of Product leaders drawn from some of the largest and best known product companies who have seen it and done it before. These Product Angels do the necessary hand-holding and advise based on the need.

Additionally, you get the wide ecosystem support and access to niche events and meetups conducted by Idealabs.

Idealabs is also part of the state and central government initiatives to connect all Incubators and share best practices, services and events across Incubators.


At Idealabs, we believe startups fail to takeoff because of lack of mentoring and right guidance. we also know one size does not fit all.Idealabs has partnered with Product Angels and created a unique Accelerator.

AcceleratorThe programme includes:

  • Idea Validation
  • Lean Business Canvas
  • Customer Validation
  • Market Validation
  • Technology Architecture
  • MVP Ready
  • Go-To-Market
  • Effective Pitch
  • Investor Connect
  • Demo Day

The complete programme is delivered by experienced mentors, domain experts, product leaders and experienced entreprenurs who have seen it, been there, and done it!