To describe them simply, makerspaces are community centers! Combine that with hardware; software resources, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, prototype and create products that wouldn’t be possible to create with the resources available to individuals working alone. They are a fairly new phenomenon, but are beginning to produce outcomes with significant impacts.

The focus on product development and startups is very crucial in the overall growth of IT industry and a significant number of jobs are going to be created in this space. In a bid to seize this opportunity and bring exposure to the student community, Idealabs has conceptualized establishing MakerSpace on college campus. The concept was highly appreciated and adopted by HYSEA and TASK. It could not have come at a more opportune time when the topic of skill development, innovation and entrepreneurship is resonating across the country. Thanks to the initiatives like EXICTE and Hackathons being driven by Idealabs, students and colleges have shown keen interest in taking the ideas and building products. The Maker Space initiative is enabling this; a fully equipped lab where students can use the inventory and create product prototypes and innovative solutions.

A stage wise approach has been conceived and a standard set of activities have been identified to be conducted as part of the MakerSpace in a HuB and Spoke model where some of the activities will be conducted in a centralized place like THuB/JNTUH/IITH (HuB) and most other activities will be conducted on college campus (Spoke). The activities have been planned across two semesters followed by EXCITE, a five week Summer Workshop focussed on Product Engineering, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and exclusive Placement drives organized by HYSEA