Entreprises realize that emerging technologies like IoT, Blockchain,AI/ML etc.have the potential to disrupt their industries and permanently alter the competitive landscape. At Idealabs, we can help you to navigate this new era of Industry4.0


Idealabs team works in collaboration with your inhouse innovation team. We cut the hype and provide clear understanding of where technology genuinely adds value and help you identify appropriate challenges that can be addressed.This can potentially include:

  • Ideation and identification of usecases based on Insights by our domain experts
  • Technology platform evaluation for chosen usecase
  • Co-Creation of PoCs and pilot projects
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • In-house training of developers and senior executives

Idealabs has a trackrecord of working with innovation teams of global leaders on emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI/ML and IoT.



Knowledge is widely distributed, and no organization, no matter how capable or how big, can innovate effectively in isolation. Open innovation is a smarter way to innovate, because it can reduce costs, accelerate time to market, increase differentiation in the market, and create new revenue streams for the company.

Our unique platform helps you engage efficiently with one of the largest curated community of Startups & Academia which helps you accelerate business outcomes.

We run several co-innovation and co-creation programmes to create a convergence of Corporates, Startups and Academia.



Idealabs has signed an MoU with more than 150 plus premiere Engineering Colleges across India

This gives us an unprecedented access to a curated student community and academic researchers.

Run Hackathons and Innovation challenges to spot the right talent.

Access the best talent for Internships and recruitment with a record of their participation in previous initiatives.

Test run your applications/product platforms for a quick feedback.

Idealabs can give you an un-hindered access to one of the largest curated student community of 500K+ students



Get connected to our community for Insights, network, policy advocacy and mentoring.

idealabs community is a curated group of enthusiasts and evangelists with interest in Events, Research, Development, Use Cases, Products and Knowledge for the new Industry 4.0 enabled world.

You get an opportunity to continuously engage with multiple stakeholders across ecosystem and get deep insights and adapt in the fast changing world of technology.

We can also help you build a loyal and engaging community around your product.